Terminal shortcuts

10 August 2014

Here are some handy shortcuts and tricks for the Terminal.app to save your time.

  • ⌃ + C: Clear line or quit running process (script, server)
  • ⌃ + D: Kill the current process
  • ⌃ + A: Go to the beginning of line
  • ⌃ + E: Go to the end of the line
  • ⌃ + L: Alias for clear. Clears the screen by moving the cursor down.
  • ⌘ + K: Wipes the screen
  • Tab: Autocomplete command for files and folders

Modifier keys: Ctrl ⌃, Command ⌘.

Terminal profiles

Enable Use Option as Meta key to use the Option key to navigate through words as if you were using a native text input.