Hi, I'm Dan Kim.

Product engineeer and designer.

What I've been working on

Bearer Arrow

I turn Figma dreams into reality, expand and maintain frontend components and the design system. Bearer helps build robust data security controls at scale.

frogogo Arrow

I led a team of 8 developers and designers. I joined the project at its inception as the CTO. Frogogo is a loyalty platform for e-commerce.

2D Show
2D Show Arrow

I host a technology podcast with my friend Dan. We discuss productivity tools, career and all things tech.

chisto Arrow

I started Chisto in 2016. We had a team of 2 mobile developers. Chisto brought on-demand laundry to Russian customers.

Spacecards Arrow

I'm trying to reimagine spaced repetition with Spacecards. A web app, that is currently a work in progress.

Flip Timer Arrow

An open-source productivity timer for iOS that starts when the phone is put away.

French genders Arrow

An open-source game to help you memorize genders of French nouns.

Travel map Arrow

An open-source app to track visited countries on a shareable map.


I carry my camera everywhere. Whether it's my iPhone or an old 35mm Zenit loaded with film. I share my photography on Instagram.

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