What's on my Mac


  • Telegram. Best instant messaging app out there. 100% cross-platform with native apps. Privacy-oriented. Minimalist design that looks great on every platform and doesn’t stand out. I don’t mention security, since I don’t use “Secret Chats”, and you’ll want to use those if you wan’t security.
  • TunnelBear. I always use VPN for privacy. Also useful to bypass censorship in certain countries (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, etc.)
  • Bear. This is my go-to app for note-taking. It is cross-platform, though restricted to Apple’s ecosystem. Clean design with plenty of themes, both light and dark, Markdown support. I gladly purchased an annual subscription for $15. I’m considering a move to the native Notes app, but this will not happen unless Apple changes its ugly font and background, or at least allows some customization. This post is written in Bear.
  • 1Password. I use 1Password to store logins, credit cards, documents and software licences. It’s nice to keep everything in one secure place and to have it available across all devices. $36 a year, and totally worth it. iCloud Keychain is a great alternative, but with limited functionality and worse UI.


  • Terminal. I don’t use any advanced features, so I prefer the standard app over iTerm2 and other alternatives. Terminal.app supports dark mode, so whenever you switch to dark mode, it’ll change to dark profile.
  • Atom. Atom is slow and memory inefficient. I chose Atom over other editors due to simplicity. It has gotten slightly better over the past few years. Previously, I used Sublime Text 3, which is a great editor, but it doesn’t have the same ecosystem and isn’t being developed as actively now.
  • GitUp. An open-source Git interface. Lightweight (only 10 MB). I use it to create commits, rebase, resolve conflicts, undo / redo unwanted operations.
  • Dash. Offline documentation convenient and instant search. Everything has a shortcut, so navigation is seamless and takes very little time. I have Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and CSS docsets installed.
  • Paw. REST client for testing APIs. Fantastic UI, has a lot of advanced features. Quite pricey — I bought it with a 50% student discount for $25.


  • Lightroom Classic + VSCO Film. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Adobe products and their Creative Cloud ecosystem, but I haven’t found any solid alternatives to it. I use Lightroom for photos taken with my camera. Photos taken using my iPhone are edited in VSCO on iOS.


  • IINA. It’s like VLC Media Player, but better: native look & features (picture-in-picture, dark mode, Touch Bar), open-source.
  • Transmission. Don’t ever use μTorrent on a Mac. Transmission is open-source and not based on ads.